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Discount Broking

Zero Brokerage Investments
Discount Broking is our primary product and what we specialise in. We believe that technology has enabled us traders so much that we do not need the hand holding of the traditional brokers who in turn charge very hefty brokerage.

Today transactions are executed online in the blink of an eye, and the prices are absolutely transparent and visible to all. Hence there is absolutely no need to depend on a broker or dealer to call us and guide on how to trade. For such self-sufficient traders and investors, discount broking is a boon as they can trade by themselves at absolutely zero brokerage (for delivery based transactions) and at only Rs. 20 per executed order (for intraday or F&O transactions).

For more details on our discount broking plans and charges, as well as the limits we provide, please visit our pricing page by clicking on the link at the top menu. You may also contact us on 7447118980 and our expert agents would be glad to assist you with all your queries.
Discount Broking

Premium Broking

Higher limits and Personalised Services
Sometimes even the high limits we provide in our discount broking plan is not high enough, and for those wishing to take higher risk with the potential to earn high returns, there is a need for higher limits. These traders generally require personalised services from a Relationship Manager as well as increased guidance on placing of trades.

For such traders we have our premium services where for a marginally additional brokerage, you enjoy the above services plus unlimited free call & trade facility. The brokerage rates under the premium plan are although higher than our discount plan, however they are still just a fraction of what traditional brokers charge so you still get to save your money with us.

We are the FIRST & ONLY brokers in India offering free, easy and unlimited switching between Discount Broking and Premium Broking Plans within a single day. For more details on our Premium Plans and its benefits, please copy this link in your browser (https://help.tradingbells.com/en/article/higher-limits-premium-plan-7nsvli/) or contact our friendly executives on 7447118980
Premium Broking

Mutual Funds & SIPs

Grow your capital systematically
A Mutual Fund (MF) is an investment company which pools money from different investors and invests them in various securities depending on the investment objective of the fund. The mutual fund company issues shares to the public that represents their holdings in the fund. It is a great way to benefit from the Equity Markets without the need to manage your portfolio, as the same would be done by experts and professionals of various Asset Management Companies.

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a smart and hassle free way to invest in Mutual Funds. A fixed pre-determined amount is invested in your selected Mutual Fund at regular intervals such as be weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. The amount is auto-debited from your designated bank account and invested in the Mutual Fund selected. You will be allocated units of the MF selected according to the amount invested and the price of the MF on the day of investment.

At TradingBells you can invest in Mutual Funds directly or start a SIP for building a strong future financial base. Reach us via email on support@tradingbells.com or call us on 7447118980 for further details. You may also chat with our helpful customer support executive on our website.
Mutual Funds & SIPs

Non-Cash Limits (NCL)

Limits against securities
Our most distinguished and popular product is the Non-Cash Limit (NCL). We are the ONLY DISCOUNT BROKER in India to offer this product to our customers.

NCL allows you to use limits against the securities which you hold in your demat account. Depending on the quality of these stocks, you can get upto 90% limits on their market values. This means you can easily trade intraday or create F&O positions without having any cash balance in your trading account and without paying any interest. If you are using NCL to buy shares or carry forward your F&O positions, you can still do so by paying nominal interest charge of just 0.05% per day (or Rs. 5 per 10,000 per day)

And the best part is this is offered free of cost to all our clients, without any additional registration or application. It comes bundled with your Demat Account at zero additional cost.

For further details, please contact us on support@tradingbells.com or give us a call on 7447118980 anytime. You may also chat with our friendly executives on the website.
Non-Cash Limits (NCL)

Margin Funding

Funding for Futures Margin Shortage
Traders invest in the Futures Market mainly for the purpose of leveraging benefits which it provides, and usually for a period of 1 week to 1 month. However due to the daily mark to market requirements, sometimes we might face margin calls on our futures positions. If this shortage is not paid within the same day, you stand a chance to incur heavy penalties and interest from the exchange (upto 5% per day). This could potentially erode all our profits from the position completely.

To avoid such situations, TradingBells customers have the option to avail for Margin Funding facility where we would provide the margin shortage to the exchange on your behalf, and instead charge a nominal interest from you till the time you can come back to positive range or clear the dues. The interest rate on such funding is only 0.067% per day (Rs. 6.67 per day on a shortfall of Rs. 10,000).

To know more, please call us on 7447118980 or write to us on support@tradingbells.com
Margin Funding

IPOs & IPO Funding

Initial Public Offerings
An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the process by which a company lists its shares on the stock exchange. This marks as a turning point in the life of a company as the enterprises goes through massive transformation from being a private company to one whose shares will be freely traded in the stock markets. For a customer, investing in IPO should be done after careful consideration of the strengths and challenges that the company and its industry faces, based on any publicly available information at the time of investment.

At TradingBells you will be able to invest in upcoming IPOs through our platform. As a TradingBells client we will keep you updated on upcoming IPOs and our own research recommendations on whether to subscribe or not. Thus you will never miss the opportunity to grow your investment income.

That's not all, as our client you also have the option to avail IPO funding facilities where we will provide you with the required investment amount in IPOs from the subscription date to the allotment date. This way you don't need to worry about blocking your money for the IPOs till the time you are alloted the shares.

Reach us via email on helpdesk@tradingbells.com or call us on +91.22.33756200 for further details. You may also chat with our helpful customer support executive on our website.
IPOs & IPO Funding

Research Services

Short & Long Term Research Assistance
Everyone enters the stock markets with the hope to earn some profits. However not everyone has the right skill or time to execute trades backed by proper research and trends. This is where TradingBells, acts as your financial advisor by assisting you in your investment decisions.

Besides being a registered broker, we are also a SEBI registered Investment Advisor and provide one of the finest research services to our clients.

Our highly qualified and experienced research team provides daily calls to our clients for intraday trading as well as long term investments. As a client of TradingBells, you may subscribe to these services at highly discounted prices. For more details, kindly copy this link in your browser (https://help.tradingbells.com/en/category/client-privileges-u04ln8/) or call our team of experts on 7447118980
Research Services

NRI Investing

Documents and Other Details
NRIs are welcome to open account with TradingBells. As a NRI customer you need to have an NRE or an NRO account with a bank in India before you can start investing. Note that if you wish to trade in the Derivative segment you will need an NRO account.

Before opening an account with us you will need to get a PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme) letter from RBI. This will be done through the bank which holds your NRE/NRO account. All other documents for opening an account remain the same as for a resident Indian.

If the NRI is not in India at the time of account opening, all photocopies of the KYC documents/proofs and PAN card will have to be attested by the Indian Embassy / Consulate General / Notary Public / Any Court /Magistrate / Judge / Local Banker in the country where the NRI resides.

However if the person is in India at the time of account opening, these documents can be self attested. The NRI will have to provide proof of his being in India by submitting a photocopy of the passport page showing the stamp by the immigration authorities at the time of his arrival in India.

In case of any help or support, reach us via email on support@tradingbells.com or call us on +91.7447118980. You may also chat with our helpful customer support executive on our website.
NRI Investing

FPIs Registration

Foreign Portfolio Investors
Foreigners who wish to invest in the Indian Stock Markets can open a trading and demat account in India by registering themselves as Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs)

As per the market regulator SEBI, FPIs are classified into 3 categories. Category I includes Government and Government related investors such as Central Banks or Governmental Agencies. Category II includes appropriately regulated funds or persons such as Mutual Funds, Banks, AMCs etc. Category III includes all others such as Individuals or Corporate Bodies not falling under the other two categories.

At TradingBells, we offer end to end service as a one stop solution for your FPI registration, trading and settlement needs. Once you register with us, we will take care of all of the registration requirements so you don't need to deal with multiple individuals. For full details on the registration requirements, please copy this link in your browser (https://help.tradingbells.com/en/article/foreign-portfolio-investors-fpis-registration-1c4fowf/) or write to us on helpdesk@tradingbells.com
FPIs Registration

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Issued in the interest of investors: Prevent Unauthorised transactions in your trading and Demat account. Update your mobile numbers/email IDs with Tradingbells. Receive alerts and information of all debit and other important transactions in your trading and Demat account directly from Exchange/Depository on your mobile/email at the end of the day. KYC is a onetime exercise while dealing in securities markets. Once KYC is done through a SEBI registered intermediary (broker, DP, Mutual Fund etc.), you need not undergo the same process again when you approach another intermediary.

No need to issue cheques by investors while subscribing to IPO. Just write the bank account number and sign in the application form to authorise your bank to make payment in case of allotment. No worries of refund as money remains in investor's account.

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