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  • Stock Market Weekly Updates: 18th December - 23th December 2023

Stock Market Weekly Updates: 18th December - 23th December 2023

18th Dec to 23th Dec 2023

Welcome to our weekly market roundup, where we dissect the latest trends and movements that are shaping the financial landscape. In this edition, we delve into the Nifty's performance, USD/INR fluctuations, Crude oil dynamics, SEBI's groundbreaking proposal, and the geopolitical ripple caused by Angola's departure from OPEC.


Nifty Movement

The Nifty index experienced a noteworthy negative movement of 76 points during the week.

The downward trajectory signals negative market sentiment, need to asses the risk management for traders.


USD/INR Movement

The Forex market witnessed a negative movement of 64 pips in the USD/INR pair. 

Staying informed about such movements is vital for effective currency trading.

Crude Oil's Bullish Run

Contrary to other markets, crude oil exhibited a positive movement, surging by an impressive 320 points.
Energy traders and investors ought to keep a keen eye on these trends, evaluating their potential influence on related industries and investment prospects.

SEBI's Proposal: T+0 and Instant Settlement

SEBI has proposed a revolutionary change in the Equity Cash Segment with the introduction of T+0 and instant settlement. Unpack the details of this groundbreaking move, and understand how it may redefine the trading landscape.

Angola's OPEC Exit: A $1 Drop in Oil Prices

Angola's decision to withdraw from OPEC had a profound impact, causing a decrease of more than $1 per barrel in oil prices.

“Remember: The stock market is dynamic, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Always conduct thorough research and, if necessary, seek advice from financial professionals before making investment decisions.”


Key Takeaways

  • Nifty showed a negative movement of 76 points 
  • USD/INR showed a negative movement of 64 pips
  • Crude oil showed a positive movement of 320 points
  • SEBI proposed T+0 and instant settlement for the Equity Cash Segment.
  • The decision by Angola to withdraw from OPEC led to a decrease of more than $1 per barrel in the price of oil.


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